Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

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Maserati MC12


Maserati MC12


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A job-induced sleepless night.

I still have trouble sleeping.
Don’t know if I am 6 hours behind - or in advance.

I have stress-induced skin rashes.
And my ears will ring for days after a flight.

My belongings are in two rooms.
Separated by an Ocean.

Sometimes I found myself speaking in English when I’m home.
And in my mother tongue when I’m abroad.

I’ve alienated from me my precious love.
And gained heart bruises for all the time I gazed at the photo of you and I.

I’ve met stress and despair and red-eyeness at the airports.
Especially in the lounge restroom mirror.

I lost myself in a cup of coffee with my name on it.
In a Country where it’s difficult to pronounce it.

Will I do it again? Would like to change it for a 9-5, desk job?
Give me that boarding pass.


Alarm clock. The shower. The breakfast. My work clothes. My smartphone. The company phone. My laptop. The travel bag.
The car. The airport. The fly.
The documents. The badges. The patches on all cameras.
The work.
The hotel.
Another room.

Rinse. Repeat.

My job. My pride. My everything.

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20/100 photos of Nana

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Love the firing order.

Love the firing order.

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Car & Trailer was stolen within the last 48hrs in California. White 07+ Lifted F350. Partial LIC Plate, 8KJ396. One of people in the F350 was a Tall bald Hispanic man with a long Goatee.

The trailer is not important, car is EXTREMELY Important. They just want the car back.

Owner has spent thousands and it is the ONLY modern Superbird from HPP to be rated for 200 MPH+ Its been featured in multiple articles and in magazines. So if you know anyone that may be able to help….even the slightest let them know. Also keep eye out for parts..

There is a $10,000 Reward for anyone that returns Grizz. 


It may have been last seen heading on the 15 Towards San Diego around 5:30am! Keep on Sharing and lets hope we can find this ride! It is in a 31’ Black, Red Trailer like the one shown! If you see it, call the cops and then Team Spankin Time!

UPDATE!!! The trailer has been found in the High Grove area of Riverside . 3 suspects arrested and in custody . Grizz is still missing . The San Bernardino SAN CATT guys are on this. 

If you guys know anything on where the car is, or are located around that area. Take a peak around you and help find grizz! He could be close buy! 10k REWARD TO WHOEVER HELPS BRING GRIZZ HOME LIKE HE SHOULD BE!

I don’t care if you hate Mopars or are not a car person…The car is EXTREMELY important to someone, and someone has taken A LOT of their hard earned money for this, Over $200,000 invested since 2009!

If you don’t reblog this I will judge you..Harshly. So get reblogging and help find this car! If you know anything, Call Team Spankin Time. 

Reblogging to help a gearhead out there find his stolen love.

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